Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Neverending Trail

The Neverending Trail

Before we get started with this blog post, let's go over a few facts:
  1. I watched The Neverending Story no less than 1.2 million times throughout daycare and elementary school.  Also fitting that I never finished watching the movie.  Want to go ride a bike?
  2. There are currently 65 badges on Trailhead!  Sixty-Five!  Well, 66 if you include the April Fools edition Catter badge.
  3. I'm a little addicted to Trailhead and went on a binge to get the 20 or so recent badges.  #BingeBadging
  4. I am officially dubbing Trailhead "The Neverending Trail".  With 66 badges currently and many more likely to come, it really is a trail of never-ending, amazing hands on Salesforce experience.

The "Neverending Trail" may seem a bit daunting term, but I mean it endearingly.  As a commoner on the Developer Boards, one of the easiest questions to answer is "How do I learn about "X" on Salesforce without having any project experience?"  The answer is always to head on over to and check out all of the amazing hands on training excercises.  

The endless influx of training content is not only a savior for answering questions around the Salesforce community, but the amount of knowledge I walk away with from each module is so rewarding.  Yes, the badges, points, and other gamfication aspects are addictive, but even more so is the breadth of knowledge that you walk away with after completing those hand on training exercises known as Trailhead modules.  

With the 20+ badges released the week prior to Dreamforce, there is literally something for everyone on Trailhead. Are you a new Admin? If so brush up on the Admin Trail.  Are you looking to learn about the new Lightning Experience?  If so, throw some confetti and hop on one of the Lightning Experience trails.  Are you a developer looking to learn more about Heroku Connect?  There's a project for that.  

Oh, by the way, there's three modules / badges on Wave, a Salesforce Analytics platform you may have heard about.  Even if you aren't a self-proclaimed analytics junkie, you NEED to check out the Wave modules.  They are far and above my favorite Trailhead modules to date.  After completing the Wave modules, I felt like Keannu/Neo in the Matrix:

So again, do you have all 65 available Trailhead badges?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to and start down your own trail(s) today!  

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